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customFluidCast Technologies, LLC, a provider of the FluidCast VR Video Cloud Platform and VR production launched its new state-of-the-art professional level 360 / 3D camera rig rental option. “This level of video production is the highest quality we have ever seen! Right up there with Discovery VR and National Geographic.” Said CEO of FluidCast VR, Claudio Lai.

This new custom built eight camera 360 / 3D rig uses a Patented Tangential Capture Geometry which reduces parallax issues and improves stitching quality. Blitzing 8 Flare 4K SDI camera with 12 stops of latitude, Global Shutter, Gen-lock, 1080p 60 raw or 422/444 SDI or raw output, producing a 4K stitched image.

  • Complete Control utilizing the highest quality lenses.
  • 360/3D gen-locked video which can be on a fixed mount or even in motion. (Steadicam, Helicopter, Car, etc.)
  • Super low-light Capable.
  • Live streaming in almost any Lighting Conditions

Perfect for short films, high quality videos and even 3D gaming experiences.

Our camera systems use high quality lenses with adjustable aperture and focus, as well as interchangeable/replaceable lenses, in case of special needs or if a lens is damaged.

We have wireless remote control allowing the array to be set up quickly from up to 500 feet away.

We offer real time stitched previewing for HTC, Occulus and Samsung Gear, as well as real-time 4K proxy recording and rtmp streaming, and we also have Industry standard time-code support that allows all the cameras to be synchronized easily in post production and can jam external time-code from an audio recorder to make high quality sound easy to match up.

For Maximum quality the individual cameras are recorded on a Odyssey 7q+ Drive and can record up to a 8192×4096 stitched image from the 4K platform and 4096×2048 from the 2KSDI platform.

At highest quality we record 112 GB per minute on the 4K 6+1 platform.

Nothing comes close!

About FluidCast and FluidCastVR:

FluidcastVR was started on June 1st 2016 by FluidCast Software Systems. FluidCastVR provides 360 2D and 3D professional video production rentals crews all over the World. FluidCast is a premiere content publishing and monetization cloud platform. FluidCast boasts the most features of any other similar Cloud Video Solution, Content Management System or Software as a Service (SAAS) Video Platform. Clients utilizing FluidCast can publish and monetize live and recorded audio and video content, photo content, digital content and products. For over seven years, thousands of sites are powered by the FluidCast platform for their turnkey video content publishing and monetization needs.

For complete information, please visit: https://fluidcastvr.com/ and https://www.fluidcast.net

Media Contact
Company Name: FluidCast
Contact Person: Claudio Lai
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (408) 831-2278
City/State: San Hose, California
Country: United States
Website: https://fluidcastvr.com