Virtual Reality 9D VR Experiences

9D VR is unique successful commercial VR product, a viewer just need to put on VR glasses attached to the unit and then go into a whole new World.

It creates a real world motion and VR effect and takes the viewer into amazing experiences The system consists of three revolutionary new products:

* interactive cinema with 360 rotation

* immersive glasses

* breakthrough VR entertainment content platform to activate hundreds of different games.

When you take a seat at one of our simulators you will definitely feel like you entered a new reality and era of VR.


 FluidCAST VR 9D VR Cinema
Seat configurations available
1 seat
2 seat
3 seat
AC 110-240V
AC 110-240V
AC 110-240V
247X105X190 cm
150X105X190 cm
280X280X190 cm
Touch screen control
22 Inches LG Touch-screen, 47 Inches Big Touch-Screen (controller & advertisement)
Free Movies
HD 360 degrees 9D full-view movies & 5D movies, tolal 100 PCS FREE MOVIES, and update every month.
18 months and life time technology support
American Oculus N.O 1 TOP VR Glasses, Taiwan-Tech motor, Japan KOYO Bearing, USA GATES belt, American i5 CPU, Memory……

The advantages of FluidCast 9D VR cinema.

1. Many varieties of film + virtual reality available.
2. Small business location (only 2-9 square meter ).
3. Wireless operation. No need to install.
4. Full automatic mode.1 person for operation.
5. Professional after-sale service, lifelong maintenance.

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