Your Residential or Commercial Property in immersive virtual reality. FluidCast VR can produce your Virtual Reality Real Estate Videos and Virtual Tours.

FluidCastVR Virtual Reality Real Estate Videos enable property owners, real-estate agents and investment companies to digitally view in 360 VR any property which is for sale or rent. We have built custom virtual reality software applications as well as virtual tour applications to showcase our client’s properties in immersive virtual reality.

Complete 3D and 2D virtual tours of any commercial or residential property utilizing 360 drones, immersive films and interactive virtual reality tours. If you are in need of producing a virtual reality real-estate property video we can produce in a way which best showcases it using all the available virtual reality technologies and also making it available to be published onto almost any virtual reality capable mobile or web device.

  • Showcase homes for sale or rent in virtual reality – 360 in 2D or 3D videos.
  • Showcase homes for sale or rent virtually as 360 photographic walk-throughs.
  • Visit construction sites in 360 VR while they are being built.
  • Visit commercial real-estate properties in 360 VR.
  • Virtually visit fully animated 360 VR architectural designs and floor plans.

FluidCast VR has partnered with some of the leading engineers to produce high quality 360 VR Virtual Reality Real Estate Videos and property tours and high quality 360 VR animations and videos.

Utilizing our apps, we can white-label your own property or commercial or residential real-estate company and create a mobile VR app for the Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and Apple IOS devices. Your clients can download your apps and remotely view real-estate videos from anywhere.

This new technology is changing the way properties are being sold or rented. It is changing the way building sites are viewed during construction.

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