The FluidCast Platform

The development of the Fluidcast enterprise level platform was started almost ten years ago by FluidCast Technologies, LLC, a leader in “on demand” video content delivery.

FluidCast Technologies is headquartered in Texas and San Hose California. It was founded in 2007 by Claudio Lai, its current CEO and President. The FluidCast Platform has had over one million dollars spent on it’s development. It was built in order to distribute and monetize video, audio, products and other forms of digital and physical content, on the web, mobile, smart TV or IPTV, like never before.

The Fluidcast platform includes a comprehensive front side user interface which allows an administrator to encode, manage, distribute and deploy a fully turnkey functioning website, mobile app or smart TV app with their content. The platform also manages live or recorded content distribution to end users. The Fluidcast platform is completely adaptable and customizable as well as secure and scalable.

The Fluidcast Platform is the first of its kind allowing administrators to easily manage on demand content from an administrative console. Monetizing content has never been so simple, The Fluidcast Platform allows users to pay for digital content like never before. Pay Per Minute, Per Download and Rentals.

The Fluidcast system acts as an interconnected way of allowing administrators, users, content delivery networks and billing gateways to talk to each other, as the diagram below displays;

Explanation of overview.

1. Fluidcast is interconnected to all the modules listed above in order to provide a turnkey Video on Demand internet billing solution.
2. Administrators use the Fluidcast system to upload, encode and manage videos
3. Users use the Fluidcast system to view and purchase Videos
4. Users pay with the Fluidcast system connecting to an external billing gateway
5. Videos are watched through via a streaming server
6. Videos are encoded either via Fluidcast’s encoding engine or an external encoding farm
7. Studio Partners can connect to Fluidcast’s platform to share in revenue’s
8. Content Partners can create their own sites, upload/encode and manage their own videos
9. Additional modules can connect to Fluidcast such as Mobile (WAP) and Ad Hosting Servers

The enterprise level Fluidcast Video on Demand solution can be customized exactly to meet the needs of even the most complex online digital content delivery requirements.

Beyond just customizing the “look and feel” to the end user, the enterprise level Fluidcast platform is completely modular and expandable.

The technical team who developed this platform have over 20 years experience in video and audio content creation, distribution and re-distribution.

Some of the features available in the enterprise Fluidcast system include;

– White label of the frontend and backend
– Billing, User and Session APIs and Data exchange
– Unlimited Open Code License
– Enterprise level customizing, training and support
– Integration into CDNs, Live and Pre-recorded online video distribution solutions
– Completely scalable streaming hosting solutions
– Business Model assessment
– Cross platform compatibility and rendering

The Fluidcast Platform advertising module allows administrators to insert ads as pre and post rolls as well as insert advertising banners in the templates. Fluidcast is completely compatible with advertising systems such as Open Ads. Administrators can insert advertisements anywhere they wish as well as using any video player – Google Ads and Advertising add-ons.

* Mpeg-Dash
* And Many Others

In a “free” advertising business model, the Fluidcast platform can still show detailed reports of which videos are being watched by which user in real time.

An administrator can choose to allow users to watch certain files for free without registration or select which ones require registration (even with a free account) in order to collect member data.

The Fluidcast platform can also act as hybrid advertising and subscription based model where some videos are free to watch with advertising, while others require payment or registration with no or limited advertising.

Our Competitors only provide a fraction of the solutions that the FluidCast Platform can provide.

  • FluidCast is a COMPLETE TURNKEY solution.
  • FluidCast is a total user and administrative content management and monetizing platform.
  • Sell Memberships, Pay Per View Rentals, Digital Downloads and Products
  • Sell Videos, Audios, Digital Goods, E-books and Products
  • Add Pre-roll videos, image ads and text ads to Videos
  • Go Live with our fully integrated Live Cam Feature.
  • Track all content viewed and pages viewed.
  • Fully Integrated with, Paypal, Paygo and many more billing companies.

This is our simple Client path to monetizing Content with FluidCast

  • Signup with one of our hosted plans
  • Pick from one of our 23 themes
  • Upload your logo
  • Edit your contact us and other pages
  • Integrate your Payment Method – Paypal or or Other integrated billing companies in minutes.
  • Upload your photo, video, audio, product or e-book content.
  • Set rules on how each content element will be sold to your users.
  • Setup optional membership recurring options and choose what content will be protected or not.
  • Optionally enable Live webcams
  • Optionally allow your clients to signup as content partners and assign percentage payouts.
  • Optionally allow your clients to signup as affiliates to earn money from sales from traffic they send you.

Do all of this without having to have any knowledge of programming or design!