Virtual Reality Live Video BroadcastingOur VR or Virtual Reality Live Video Broadcasting capabilities allow our clients to do live broadcasting of high resolution 360° / 3D live video.

Virtual Reality Live Video Broadcasting in 360° / 3D engages viewers like never before. Increasing viewership and total media immersion. Your audience will be immersed in a virtual environment that they control for the ultimate feeling of “being there.”

Users will be able to interact with a scene. A live 360° / 3D Virtual Reality Live Video Broadcasting event to provide a user “the best seat in the house” no matter where they are in the world. It can create an intimate and memorable experience for those who simply cannot be there. Your event can now be virtually attended by anyone in the world from almost any web-enabled device.

Virtual Reality Live Video Broadcasting that works. No viewer is left behind – 2D/3D live streaming – real-time live streaming in 360. High quality audio form any source. Customized 360 video player, mobile and VR device capable. Stream direct or via a CDN of your choice.

Virtual Reality Live Video BroadcastingVirtual Reality Live Video Broadcasting live 360° events:

  • Concerts
  • Seminars
  • Live news events
  • Social events
  • Much more!

Push graphic overlays, include commercial pre-rolls and much more. Our live broadcasts can be integrated with your own platform – (content management solution or similar.) We can also provide all the software tools and apps you need to publish your 360° Virtual Reality Live Video Broadcasting video.

Setup is minimal and our equipment and our crew stays out of your way. We can seamlessly blend into any event of production environment.

If you have any questions;

Please call us to get more information about having us create your next 360° / 3D video experience.