Blackmagic Virtual Reality Camera Rental

Detailed Specs Blackmagic virtual reality camera rentalProfessional level 3D custom built Blackmagic virtual reality camera rental features patented Tangential Capture Geometry, which reduces parallax and improves the stitching quality.

Full cinema 6+1 for the Flare 4K SDI camera, the 2KSDI features 12 stops of latitude, Global Shutter, Genlock, 1080p 60 raw or 422/444 sdi output, producing a 4K stitched image, the 4KSDI camera systems also are global shutter, have 12 stops of latitude, genlock, and support 4K 60p in either 422/444 or raw mode.

With Blackmagic virtual reality camera rental  you can record on the convergent design odyssey 7q+ recorder. Camera systems use high quality lenses with adjustable aperture and focus, as well as interchangeable/replaceable lenses, in case of special needs or if a lens is damaged.

Wireless remote control for the 2KSDI and 4KSDI rigs allowing the array to be set up quickly from up to 500 feet away.

For Maximum quality the individual cameras are recorded on the odyssey 7q+ and using nuke it’s possible to get an 8192×4096 stitched image from the 4K platform and 4096×2048 from the 2KSDI platform.

At highest quality recording up to 112 GB per minute on the 4K 6+1 platform.

The Blackmagic virtual reality camera rental is the perfect Camera rig for high-level video production and live virtual reality capture in RAW format.

Please call us to get more information about having us create your next 360° / 3D video experience.