virtual reality productionWhenever you are planning to create a 360° / 3D video, there are numerous aspects to consider with doing a virtual reality production. For example, where the video will be displayed and what will the end goal of the project. FluidCast VR is a complete script-to-screen production agency that listens to our clients needs. We coordinate our client’s goals and expectations carefully with our your team to come up with the best case scenario and provide all the required elements for your particular production.

Such elements of a virtual reality production include concept planning, shooting and 360° video stitching, application development both for web and mobile. We can also provide content management solutions through our FluidCast Software platform. You can use our software to publish and monetize your content.

Visit FluidCast ( Now in this 9th year in development and publication. Boasting over 1000 clients worldwide in the monetization and mobile and web distribution of video, photo, audio and digital content.

Virtual reality production. Our 360° / 3D Videos can be produced as tradition video (2D video) as well included in many exciting new platforms such as the Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and much more.

virtual reality production

We can also create mobile Apps to develop and publish your content if you need. Just ask us!

Our 360° / 3D videos can also be published on video sharing platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo and Facebook.

Our very experienced team of virtual reality production videographers, and technicians with a combined 30 years experience in video production. We have produced films and documentaries for ABC, PBS, the Discovery Channel and many more.

The tools that we use to produce our virtual reality production projects include:

  • Complete 360° / 3d 4k+ video capture and post post production.
  • Omni-Directional sound
  • Professional Cinematography
  • Story Telling, casting and narration

virtual reality productionBy using these tools, we have produced high quality videos for:

  • Educational videos
  • Virtual tours for museums and galleries
  • Travel videos
  • Short films

We work with our clients to develop the concepts and then we create all the footage needed with the concept of user immersion as well as keeping within the requirements of VR technology “user friendly” experiences. We tell our clients to make sure their videos will have the ability to be published and not provide “motion sickness” while still allow the user to immersed in a 360° video world.

Aft the video is stitched and stabilized, it will be run through an extensive color correction and grading process that will be it appear both cinematic and believable to the end user. This video can be played on any web or mobile VR enabled device. Our core coding engineers can incorporate your video into your application and published on all platforms – Computers, tablets and smartphones.

In this way you can showcase your virtual reality production to your clients anywhere, anytime.

Please call us to get more information about having us create your next 360° / 3D video experience.