360 2D Virtual Reality Video – Motion Graphic Intensive Promotional Video of Singularity University funded by NASA.

Extensive motion graphics and stock image manipulation and muti-layered conversion from Flat (non 360) to a virtual reality 360 environment.

Filmed on location at NASA in the hanger, on location at Singularity University located in Northern California as well as in classrooms and labs.




Filmed using 6 rig Go-Pro Rig in 2D and edited in After Effects and AutoPano Gig and AutoPano Video Pro. Extensive motion graphic elements created in 360 VR in order to provide this complex storyboard to be realized.

Custom 360 VR Star-field – Custom multi layered motion graphics converted into 360 VR. Logos converted into 360 VR and much more…

One of the most complex projects we ever worked on and broke new ground in produce motion graphics in 360 / Virtual Reality space.